Businesses today are faced with a dilemma regarding proper floor protection, especially since costs associated with protecting floors have, like other costs, risen in recent years. However, several issues can present themselves by not having a proper floor care program in place. Miller’s Textile Services offers an array of different mat products to help you solve these issues within your budget requirements.

A proper floor care program has four main benefits for customers regardless of industry sector. These are safety, cleanliness, image and comfort. Let’s take a brief look and break down each of these benefits, since doing so will aid us in executing a more educated cost-benefit analysis.

Without a doubt, safety is the main concern for business owners and managers as employees or customers enter their facilities. It has been estimated that over 80% of dirt, dust and grime enter through the front door of buildings. Buildup of this material, especially during winter months, can constitute a significant hazard in your areas of highest traffic.

Fortunately, washable carpet mats have been specifically designed to capture dust and moisture while people walk across them. As an added benefit, Millers’ professional Service Team will replace these with fresh, clean mats as included in your service program. To help complete the system of mats, many customers also utilize the outdoor SuperScrape mat. The SuperScrape mat is considered the “First-line of Defense” as it helps to remove the heavier dirt and debris from shoes before being migrated and tracked into your facility.

The second feature of a comprehensive floor care program is cleanliness. With the cost of labor accounting for such a large part of an operation’s budget, it’s important to pay careful attention to areas that can lessen your staff’s workload. Many businesses do not have the time and manpower to devote to constant floor maintenance. Employees working for the company usually have many other duties and cannot be expected to provide professional floor cleaning services. That’s understandable. The more time employees engage in custodial functions, the less time they’ll have to attend to your business.

This is where Miller’s Textiles mats help you to maintain a cleaner building, since the mats are working constantly and consistently throughout the day. In addition, by keeping your floor and carpet cleaner you will reduce your costs of replacing and cleaning carpet, tile or other surfaces. Studies have shown that removing a single pound of dirt from commercial carpet can cost in excess of $600!

A professional and well-ordered entryway helps you maintain the image you want your customers to have. First impressions are all-important for businesses, especially for retail businesses who rely on repeat customers. Miller’s Textiles can provide you with a custom logo mat to promote your brand and image. Branded entrance mats keep the dirt, dust, grime outside of your facility while keeping the floors clean and bright.

Especially for new businesses, it is vital to promote your brand and logo as much as possible. As employees or customers enter your building, what better way is there than to have your logo front and center for them to feel welcomed? Simply supply Miller’s with your logo and you will be provided with a free proof sketch of your brand as it would look on an image mat.

And finally, consider the comfort benefit of floor mats. Anti-fatigue floor mats continue to be a growing part of products that are needed and required in many facilities. If you have ever had a job that required you to stand for long periods of time, then you know how important it is to use these products. In a recent study conducted by OSHA, it was determined that placement of anti-fatigue mats in work areas increased worker productivity by almost 20% over the course of a work week.

Along with increased productivity, employees also demonstrate improved morale, reduced loss time associated with fatigue and even the possibility of reduced worker compensation costs. With anti-fatigue mats, it is truly a win-win situation for all parties involved. Comfort Flow mats are ideal for most restaurants, industrial facilities and retail stores we service, since they are oil- and grease-resistant, as well as treated with an anti-microbial agent to combat the odor of bacteria.

All of the products provided by Miller’s Textile Services have been certified by the National Floor Safety Institute as “high-traffic” to help eliminate the danger of slips and falls in buildings and facilities. For additional information, or if you would like to try any of the floor mats described, please contact your Miller’s Textiles Service manager for a free trial.