Helen Bruggers—Materials Handler for Maintenance

Question: How long have you been a customer of Miller’s Textile Services?
Answer: The maintenance department has been a customer for 7-8 years.

Q: What kinds of products or services does your company use from Miller’s?
A: The maintenance department uses the rental program for our uniforms. We have also purchased uniforms and other items from Miller’s.

Q: Is there a special story that exemplifies your customer relationship with Miller’s?
A: We have a costume contest here at the hospital for Halloween. One of the female employees who works in the cafeteria wanted to dress up like a maintenance man. We asked Matt Green if there was any way we could get one of our uniforms that would fit her. He delivered us one and after borrowing equipment from the maintenance department and the uniform, the employee won first place in the costume contest.

Q: How does working with Miller’s make your company better?
A: Our department looks very professional with the uniforms provided from Miller’s. While working around ill patients we never have to worry about our appearance because the uniforms are always delivered clean and neat.