Fred Masteller — Owner

Question: How do you describe what Masteller Electric Motors does?
Answer: We sell and rebuild electric motors, gear boxes and pumps for a variety of equipment needs, particularly in the industrial and agricultural space.

Q: What sets you apart from your competitors?
A: The quality of work and the fact that we have been here for 55 years.

Q: How long have you been a customer of Miller’s Textile Services?
A: Since the early 90’s or maybe even before.

Q: What kinds of products/services does your company use from Miller’s?
A: We get our uniforms from them. I used to get them from another company but since we’ve started doing their engine work for them, we’ve started using their uniforms.

Q: Is there a special story that exemplifies your customer relationship with Miller’s?
A: Everything seems to go pretty smoothly.

Q: How does working with Miller’s make your company better?
A: My employees have clean uniforms and represent us well.