Jennifer Axe—Office Manager

Question: What does Bendco Machine do?
Answer: At Bendco Machine & Tool, we design & build customized machinery, control panels, and perform custom machining and production services. We’ve been in business since 1983 and specialize in tube bending, inspection, and tank welding equipment. We can upgrade equipment with manual operations to automated functions, design and build a specialized piece of machinery per the customer’s requirements, and perform many small detail and production type operations.

Q: How long have you been a customer of Miller’s Textile Services?
A: We joined with Miller’s Textile Services in October 2013.

Q: What kinds of products or services does your company use from Miller’s?
A: Miller’s Textile provides uniforms for both shop and office staff and some maintenance items.

Q: Is there a special story that exemplifies your customer relationship with Miller’s?
A: We have always had trouble with our floor mats not staying flat to the ground. This causes the most issue with the transition from the shop to the office. The wavy edges causes doors not to open or people to trip when going in or out. After discussing this issue with our driver, John, he suggested a different type of mat that should solve this problem. We have never had any other supplier suggest anything else to try. John’s attention to our concern and offer of another option is greatly appreciated and exemplifies the care Miller’s Textile takes with its customers.

Q: How does working with Miller’s make your company better?
A: Miller’s Textile keeps our personnel looking sharp and takes care of the small things so that we can spend our time on taking care of our customers.