Every day, we awake to a new flood of information.

So much so, that it often seems our first task each day is to separate the meaningful from the inconsequential. Because we make decisions based on both factual and emotional reasons, this ability to quickly note the significant is essential to explaining to ourselves and to others why we do what we do. Or more importantly, why we make the decisions we make.

This is true whether we’re considering a new vehicle or a textile rentals company. So, here are a few facts you might not know about Miller’s Textile Services.

We’re TRSA Hygienically Clean Healthcare certified. Of course, this is of primary importance if you’re in the healthcare industry, but it’s important even if you aren’t. Miller’s conforms to the very latest standards established for all reusable textiles. Meaning, our entire plant and operating system meet the industry’s highest criteria, from handling soiled uniforms and linens to processing to return delivery. With Miller’s, hygienic cleanliness isn’t just standard; it’s the highest standard.

Family owned and operated since 1946. Sure, that’s important to us. But why should it matter to you? Simply put, it means we bring small town values to big market service. We don’t look at customers as numbers, but as people we need to be able look in the eye. Because that’s the way we’ve been doing it for almost 70 years.

Average service time: 8 years, 1 month. That’s the average of our entire organization. (If we limited it to management, it would be even longer.) In the Age of Churn, that’s a long time. It’s also your assurance that your supplier knows what they’re doing, right down to the personal level.

Half a million pounds. Weekly. Gosh, does that sound like a lot to you? It does to us. When you can launder, sort, inspect, fold and deliver close to 500,000 pounds of textile products each week, it’s a testament to a well-oiled machine.

4,500 customers. This, on the other hand, is a testament to our customers in Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Eastern Indiana. Their faith in us has helped us become one of the largest independent Textile service company in our region.

One call. One stop. Being a full service uniform and linen company means that, in addition to uniforms and linens, we supply dust control, restroom supplies, mats, kitchen degreasers, cleaners, specialty mats, sink dilution units, logo mats, trash liners and more. Did we mention mats?

Our owner is committed to you. There’s no owner’s manual for a service organization like ours. But Secret Service by John R. DiJulius comes close. It’s our owner, Bob Hager’s, other bible and he encourages every employee to study it.

180 employees. It’s not just a guy in a truck. And it’s not an army running around the nation, either. It’s a tightly focused group that believes in executing a vision to be the best independently run textile services company in America.

We invest in ourselves. Forget stock buybacks. At Miller’s, we constantly invest in the latest technologies to increase our ability to serve you better. Our entire sales force uses Infor CRM software to better measure productivity. The list goes on.

Strategic locations. Miller’s has one production facility at Wapakoneta, OH. But, it’s served by four strategically located depots at Defiance, Springfield, Cleveland and Marion. This allows the entire organization to function at a level that can process more than half a million pounds every week.

And there you have it. We hope your best reason for being a customer of Miller’s Textile Services is the representative who serves you.

But we thought you might like to know there’s a lot going on behind the face.