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Miller's News

Customer Spotlight: AVI Foodsystems

Doug Surber
General Manager

Question: How long have you been a customer of Miller's Textile Services?
Answer: We have been customers of Miller's Textile Services for almost 9 years.

Q: What kinds of products or services does your company use from Miller's?
A: We utilize a variety of products and services from Miller's Textile Services, including
chef coats, linen towels, aprons and table linen, among others.

Q: Is there a special story that exemplifies your customer relationship with Miller's?
A: Truly, there are several stories that I could tell, but to sum it up, Miller's always makes up for my deficiencies. At times, we get very busy in this business and may overlook ordering linen. I have always been able to call Miller's and get an immediate response and get the product I needed.

Q: How does working with Miller's make your company better?
A: Working with Miller's makes my company better through the relationship. They are truly a partner in my business and vital purveyor for the quality product we need; always willing to go the extra mile so I am successful. No one knows the sacrifice they make for an event, but the event wouldn't happen without them.

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