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Miller's News

Safety First = Service First

“Service may be our last name, but it is our first priority.” This is the Miller’s Textile Services’ motto. But just saying it doesn’t make it so.

There are many “behind-the-scenes” factors that contribute to our delivery of first-class service. One of these is the painstaking care we take to ensure the safety of our fleet of trucks and drivers. After all, in order to deliver what you need when you need it, our trucks and drivers must be safe and sound.

Miller’s currently has 45 route trucks in its fleet with the majority being route trucks. Vehicles are inspected and serviced every two months on average. In addition, drivers are required to follow a disciplined routine of inspecting their vehicles at the beginning and end of each day.

The average Miller’s driver has nine and one-half years with the company. Some drivers have as many as 35 years! Besides driving skills, Miller’s seeks people who can deliver outstanding customer service. We conduct assessments during the screening process, which gives us an indication of the prospective employee’s service-oriented mentality. Once hired, we provide service training in the initial onboarding for all employees, including drivers.

“Our drivers are required to have a Department of Transportation physical and undergo drug testing”, says Vickie Roby, Human Resource Director. Miller’s also conducts random drug tests on an ongoing basis. “It goes without saying that the use of mobile devices while driving is strictly prohibited”, Roby adds. (Last sentence deleted)

Because our client list includes medical facilities and dental and veterinarian offices, “the drivers receive blood-borne pathogen training”, Roby said. They are also equipped with gloves (which are required), masks and gowns, and spill kits are present on the trucks.

Further adding to driver and truck safety, trucks are outfitted with back-up cameras, GPS/tracking systems, hydraulic lift gates and fire extinguishers. “The tracking system allows us to monitor not only where our drivers are at any given time, but it also provides important data about driving behavior, such as harsh stops and speeding”, says Eric Schweitzer, Fleet Coordinator. Currently, Miller’s is in the process of adding non-slip coating to truck floors and steps.

“We are constantly looking for ways to better the drivers’ experience and be safe on the road”, summarizes Schweitzer.

Your business requires clean uniforms and linens everyday. We’re in the business of providing that to you. But without safe and on-time delivery, your business suffers.

And we simply refuse to let that happen. After all, our motto says so.

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