Customer Spotlight: Masteller Electric Motors

Fred Masteller — Owner Question: How do you describe what Masteller Electric Motors does? Answer: We sell and rebuild electric motors, gear boxes and pumps for a variety of equipment needs, particularly in the industrial and [...]

How Cheap Gets Expensive

We’ve all seen it. Many of us have even experienced the phenomenon first hand. After agreeing to one cost or price, we have been surprised by a higher cost at a later point in time, [...]

Customer Spotlight: AVI Foodsystems

Doug Surber — General Manager Question: How long have you been a customer of Miller's Textile Services? Answer: We have been customers of Miller's Textile Services for almost 9 years. Q: What kinds of products or [...]

When Choosing a Company Uniform, Form Follows Function

Choosing a uniform for your company’s personnel can be a surprisingly emotional undertaking. After all, how your employees dress is inseparable from customer contact and how your brand is presented in the day-to-day running of [...]

Customer Spotlight: Bendco Machine and Tool, Inc.

Jennifer Axe—Office Manager Question: What does Bendco Machine do? Answer: At Bendco Machine & Tool, we design & build customized machinery, control panels, and perform custom machining and production services. We’ve been in business since [...]

Five Steps to Keeping a Respectable Restroom

It’s a funny thing about publicly accessible restroom facilities. Customers and employees will rarely mention them – except in private – unless they’re ready to be declared a disaster area. But rest assured, they matter. [...]

Customer Spotlight: St. Rita’s Medical Center

Helen Bruggers—Materials Handler for Maintenance Question: How long have you been a customer of Miller's Textile Services? Answer: The maintenance department has been a customer for 7-8 years. Q: What kinds of products or services [...]