Protect Your Floor, Protect Yourself

Businesses today are faced with a dilemma regarding proper floor protection, especially since costs associated with protecting floors have, like other costs, risen in recent years. However, several issues can present themselves by not having [...]

Meet The Miller’s. And The Hager’s.

At a minimum, it takes someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, a good idea, and determination to start a business from scratch. But take that someone, and pair him or her up with a spouse with [...]

Safety First = Service First

“Service may be our last name, but it is our first priority.” This is the Miller’s Textile Services’ motto. But just saying it doesn’t make it so. There are many “behind-the-scenes” factors that contribute to [...]

Onboarding Employees

Thoughts from the HR Front Lines It used to be known as employee orientation. Not a biggie, right? Some paperwork to fill out, noting where the essential areas are, finding out the scope of responsibilities [...]

Customer Spotlight: Bud’s Family Restaurant, Defiance, Ohio

Matthew Mayer — Owner/Operator Question: How do you describe what Bud’s Family Restaurant does? Answer: Bud’s provides a sit-down, full-serve family dinner for our customers. Q: What is your relationship with Miller’s Textile? A: We started [...]

Branding 101: It’s All About The Experience

There is a great deal of misperception that surrounds the word branding today. Some confuse the idea of branding with the company logo. Some believe it’s the sign out front, the name on the vehicle [...]

Customer Spotlight: Stoops Freightliner

Ron Crites — Location and Service Manager Question: How would you describe what Stoops Freightliner does? Answer: Stoops Freightliner is a large truck dealership. We sell new and used trucks and truck parts. We also offer [...]

Achieving A Vision: From Measurement To Movement

As any business leader knows, it is one thing to have a vision and quite another to quantify one’s progress and then identify meaningful steps to take toward making the vision a reality. Miller’s Textile [...]