It’s a funny thing about publicly accessible restroom facilities. Customers and employees will rarely mention them – except in private – unless they’re ready to be declared a disaster area. But rest assured, they matter. A lot. And yes, the state of your facilities is a direct reflection on your brand.

But that’s no reason to panic. Recently, Miller’s Textile Services acquired a company specializing in janitorial services. We did this because it’s a natural extension of the menu of services we already supply to our customers.

Routine maintenance of restroom facilities relies on several steps which, taken on a regularly scheduled basis, can protect your reputation while keeping your employees and customers happy. A complete program will deliver better results than trying to rely on one product to “do all.

Deodorize daily when surface cleaning. Adding a water-soluble deodorizer like Nilium to plain mop water allows cleaning and deodorizing with one easy step. It’s ideal to use on any water-safe surface, contains an effective odor neutralizer and works effectively for 24 hours.

Spray urinals. Once mopping is complete, it’s important to spray urinals, commodes and surrounding areas. A Bio-Enzymatic Urine Digester has a threefold purpose. It reduces bacteria formation, can be used on all hard surfaces, and eliminates odors at the source.

Manage air care. Metered aerosol dispensers are fundamental to keeping your restroom facilities smelling fresh between cleanings. For the best effect, the fragrance should match your water-soluble deodorizer and urine digester. These dispensers must be changed every 30-45 days.

Service individual fixtures. Urinal screens and toilet bowl hangers help clean and control odors while also helping to prevent foreign object from clogging drains and causing larger problems. These products should be replaced every 30 days.

Replace urinal floor guards. These products prevent staining and discoloration of floors, so don’t disregard them.

And that’s it! It’s not a major investment in either time or money. However, protecting your public facilities can go a long way toward protecting your reputation while pre-empting the kind of talk you don’t need.

Contact your Miller’s Textile Services representative and we will work with you to create a complete janitorial service program.