Matthew Mayer — Owner/Operator

Question: How do you describe what Bud’s Family Restaurant does?
Answer: Bud’s provides a sit-down, full-serve family dinner for our customers.

Q: What is your relationship with Miller’s Textile?
A: We started out by having our bar towels, uniforms and aprons serviced by Miller’s. We have expanded our relationship to include some janitorial supplies (e.g. paper towels, garbage bags). Their prices are very competitive.

Q: How long have you been a customer?
A: I’m not exactly sure, but I know it’s been 30 years or better!

Q: Is there a special anecdote, or story about your experience with Miller’s that exemplifies your relationship?
A: Dan Brown has been my sales rep for a very long time, and he is a big reason I continue to partner with Miller’s. I have also known Mark Blanchard forever.

Q: How does working with Miller’s make your company better?
A: I don’t have to worry about being over-charged, spending too much, or running short on product. With Miller’s, I have fewer things to manage.

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