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How to Choose a Textile Rental Company

Choosing a textile rental company can seem intimidating, especially because it is important that you get this decision right the first time. Revisiting problems and issues that have not met your standards can be costly in time, dollars and most importantly, customers. You have better things to do. You have people counting on you.

So, let’s get down to business. What should you look for? What questions should you ask? How do you make this decision one time?

Put Your Brand First.

Whether you’re talking uniforms, table linens, napkins, bed linens, towels, even janitorial products – make certain the product quality accurately represents your brand.

That’s true of everything. But especially true where the product bears your logo or custom colors. Because it’s not just a product, it’s part of your marketing effort. It’s advertising, without the expense. It should feel like raising a flag. And not a red one.

Get The Product Right.

There are many textile rental firms out there, and many product suppliers. Not all of them of comparable quality.

Verify the source of goods. You deserve to know. Make sure the relationship between supplier and textile rental service is one of long standing. Make sure the product quality is consistent after processing by the plant. Find out if they can furnish the same quality consistently.

Don’t put your reputation on the line for something you are not sure of.

Look For Third Party Certifications.

Today’s customers expect a higher standard of clean. Look for TRSA Hygienically Clean Healthcare certification.

The processes required to meet these stringent standards reduce the need for subjective analysis on your part. The textiles cleaned in facilities that have been awarded such third-party certifications have the benefit of conforming to the best practices in the industry.

Service Equals Urgency.

Even the right product at the wrong time is the wrong product. You should have round-the-clock access to service. After all, delays are lost sales. Maybe lost customers. Who can afford that?

Make certain both your delivery representative and your service manager can respond to your requests, whether for uniforms or linens, quickly and efficiently without delaying your operations.

What About Changes?

If you have new requirements or changing needs, you need to know if they can meet those promptly, too. So ask: “What is the turnaround time if I have an inventory increase or the need for additional products?”

Don’t be afraid to ask for changes, including new products or sizes, throughout the course of the calendar year. You’re paying for agility. Make sure you get it.

Avoid Turnover

You don’t like it in your business; you don’t need it in your supplier’s business.

The relationship begins with – and rests on – the delivery representative and service manager. You should look for a company that has low turnover in these two critical positions.

After all, your business depends on these relationships. Any issues – last minute orders, missing uniforms, quality control – are going to be handled by your team. You should have utmost confidence in them.

By taking a little time to research the details up front, you can establish and maintain a long-term relationship that is the hallmark of a sound business decision.

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